How to Get in the Habit of Drinking More Water

Ok, so this is probably obvious by now, but your bkr fam cares a lot about drinking water. The thing is, just like everybody else, we forget to sip sometimes, too. Unfortunately, once you feel thirsty it means that your body is already a little dehydrated, so it's important to drink water
before you feel like you need to. So, in the interest of keeping our skin glowy and our bodies hydrated, we obsessively carry our bkr water bottle with us everywhere. Taking a walk? Yes for sure. Yoga? Clearly. In the car? We wouldn’t be caught dead without one. We’ve even been known to take ours out to dinner parties and Bar Mitzvahs. And then clearly right back to our favorite spot on the sofa for curling up with a movie. The more attached you are to your water, the more often you'll think about drinking it. Here are some tips on how to get into a habit of hydrating.

#1 Make Water a Part of Your Routine

Most of us rely on a daily routine to keep us in check. Routines help with motivation and productivity, which is why you should incorporate hydration into your everyday life. One easy way to develop a healthy habit like drinking more water, is to pair the practice with a routine you already have. For example, try drinking water first thing in the morning during whatever your version of glam is. Skincare, sip, blush, sip, curlers, sip, mascara, sip. Whatever you do in the morning, make sure that your routine integrates picking out, filling up, and sipping from your bkr. It makes perfect sense when you think about it: proper hydration is an important part of your skincare regimen, so treat it as such. And in between meetings/zoom calls when you should be getting up and walking around for the sake of your back and your general health, walk over to the faucet and fill your bkr. And when you sink into the couch for the evening, make it a part of your routine to cuddle up with your bkr water bottle. It might sound excessive (lol) but you’ll be shocked how well it works once you’ve integrated bkr into your routine.

#2 One Part Water, One Part Libation

Anytime you indulge in a drink that's not water, make it a habit to follow it up with a drink from your bkr. Though research has debunked the myth that coffee is highly dehydrating, it does contain caffeine (duh, that's why we love it), which is a diuretic. In other words, coffee makes you pee—a lot. The more sodium and water you flush out of your body, the more water you need to stay hydrated. We’re definitely not saying you have to ditch your morning latte, that would be crazy. Just make sure you have some water from your bkr to chase it. The same goes for alcohol: one cocktail, one water, one cocktail, one water…you get the point. This method has helped us have less horrible hangovers for years.

#3 Have a Water Bottle for Everything

Because you should 100% carry your reusable water bottle with you at all times, we designed three sizes specifically to accommodate all the aspects of your life. Our Teeny 8 oz water bottles are easy to carry on a walk or take with you anywhere you know refilling will be a no-brainer. Looping them onto your dog’s leash is the bkr fam hack of the year. The Little 16 oz water bottles are the perfect size for the gym, the car cup holder, and running errands, and our Big 32 oz water bottles are not only giant, beautiful reminders to drink your water, but are the easiest way to measure how much you’re actually drinking.

#4 Make It Taste Good

We're not afraid to admit it: sometimes water is just a little boring. But, if you can find a way to enjoy the taste of your water or at least mix it up a little, you'll be more likely to want to drink it. Try making some water infusions with fresh fruit and herbs to give your water a little extra something something.

#5 Use Tech

Annoying as it is, we’re on our phones and computers constantly, especially these days. Use this to your advantage. Our co-founder Tal’s hack, and one that bkr fam swears by now, is to set hourly alarms to remind you to grab your cute water bottle throughout the day. When your phone alarm starts going off, drink some water. 

#6 Get Social

Make it a group thing. When you have other people to hold you accountable, it's a lot easier to meet your goals. Get a friend or two to commit to drinking more water every day and check in with each other. You can also use social media to share your goals and inspire others to get hydrated too. Join the #bkrh2O2O hydration challenge to track and share your progress with others in the bkr fam. Calendars are posted monthly in an Instagram story highlight @mybkr.

#7 Track Your Intake

If your goal is to drink two liters a day, put two rubber bands on your 32 oz bkr water bottle in the morning. Remove one band each time you finish a liter. The sense of accomplishment is so major – it’s almost like checking something off your to-do list. You can also use one of the many hydration apps to keep track of your sipping or try our hydration goals sticker sheet. The stickers are motivation markers you can affix to your bkr glass and see through our most-sheer sleeves. It’s almost like having the bkr fam cheering you on as you drink.

Pink water bottle

#8 Get a Water Bottle You Love

If you love it, you'll use it. Period. Your bkr is like the perfect t-shirt of water bottles. You know, the t-shirt you love and wear the most. It feels soft and perfect and just fits right. You want it in every color and all the other t-shirts end up shoved in a back cabinet. There are many glass water bottles, but there is only one original, best-loved bkr. Invest in a few that make you the happiest, and then use them to death.

#9 Get a bkr Kiss Kit

Having your favorite lip balm attached to the top of your favorite water bottle is one of the most effective hydration hacks in the world and the one bkr is most proud of. Lip balm fanatics never leave the house without their balm, and when it's attached to your bottle, you won't go anywhere without your water either. So many of the people in our tight-knit bkr community have said it's literally life-changing. Trust—it only seems extra until you own it. Then, you can't imagine life without your Kiss Kit.

TL;DR. Get the bkr water bottle (or bottles, lbh) that you love the most, glue yourself to them (figuratively) and sip sip sip your water all the time. The benefits of a healthy habit of hydrating will far exceed the effort it takes to get hooked.

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