Lip Balm Water Bottles

Lip Balm Water Bottles Lip Balm Water Bottles

      Wait, is that a lip balm water bottle?! “The water balm is everything I love in a lip balm. And having it attached to my water bottle is probably the most genius thing I’ve ever experienced.” –Monika. Everything you want and love in life, in one place. Holy sh*t, did we just do something? Our Kiss Kits are your nightstand everything, your workout everything, your in-flight everything––your hydration everything. Each kit includes one bkr glass water bottle with silicone sleeve + one Paris Water Balm (our bestselling, ultra-hydrating glossy lip treatment) + one Custom Compact Cap. The balm compact snaps into the compact cap and can easily be removed or replenished. Pretty much everything you never knew you always wanted.