7 Warning Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water is hard. Not the act itself, obviously, but
remembering to drink water throughout the day and actually doing it. We know, it really shouldn’t be that difficult. I mean, we *literally* need it to live, so why are so many of us dehydrated? Everyone’s got their own stuff going on—school, work, friends, parenting, adulting. It’s a lot, and when we’re constantly thinking about the next thing to check off on our list of things to do, we sometimes neglect the signs that our bodies are sending to us. 

In fact, a 2013 study found that 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. Seventy-five percent. That’s basically three-quarters of our entire population. Crazy. But, if you pay attention to the signs of not drinking enough water, you can recognize the problem early and get those extra sips in to avoid problems like chronic headaches and brittle hair. 

  1. You Have Dry Skin and Hair. Okay, this may sound obvious, but when you don’t stay hydrated, you aren’t going to look hydrated. Your skin and hair are usually the most obvious parts that suffer from dryness when you’re dehydrated, but your eyes and mouth will feel it too. If you notice that your skin is flaky or irritated (or you look like you’re an exhausted hot mess), it’s pretty likely that your body is begging for water. Hydration is the key to achieving your best and most glowing skin, and without it, even the most holy grail moisturizing products won’t be able to do their job. Dull hair with a lot of breakage is another result of not drinking enough water, so make sure you’re consciously sipping from your 32 oz water bottle all day. 
  2. You Get Headaches Often. Chronic headaches are an awful thing to suffer through. They can make it difficult to concentrate and are just horribly painful. Although it’s not totally clear why this happens as a result of dehydration, some experts believe that fluid loss can cause the brain to contract or shrink. Drinking enough water can reduce these experiences, especially when combined with a healthy diet and the right amount of sleep.
  3. You’re Constantly Craving Sweets. If you thought your sweet tooth was just a mildly annoying (but super rewarding) trait you inherited, it might actually have to do with the amount of water you consume. Researchers believe that this weird, little human quirk goes back to hunter-gatherer days when people needed to seek out water-rich fruits to combat dehydration. Next time you’re craving those gummy candies, reach for your bkr instead.
  4. You Feel Lethargic. The number one thing that people notice after upping their water intake is a significant increase in their energy levels. When you’re dehydrated, you have less blood flow to your brain, so your body has to overcompensate and, as we know, working harder makes us tired. Give your body what it needs. Chug that water the next time you’re feeling sluggish. 
  5. Something’s Happening with Your Urinary Tract. Less water means more concentrated pee, which is pretty easy to notice because it will look exceptionally yellow. You’ll find that you’re not using the bathroom very often, and it can cause pain or discomfort, which also puts you at a higher risk of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI). And let me tell you, if you’ve ever experienced the symptoms of a UTI, it’s sooo not worth skipping your daily bkr bottles full of water
  6. You Feel Thirsty All the Time. When you feel thirsty, that’s your body’s last-ditch effort to get you to drink some damn water. We know it’s easy to forget about drinking water when you’re not thirsty, but once you get to that point, it usually means your body hasn’t had enough in a while. Older adults and children don’t tend to get thirsty as often as others, so it's even more important for these people to keep on sipping throughout the day. Even if you don’t think you need it, you definitely do.
    water bottles
  7. You Feel Hungry When You Shouldn’t. This is kind of a weird symptom that you may not even think has anything to do with dehydration, but the hypothalamus area of your brain can sometimes confuse the feelings of hunger and thirst, sending the signal that you need to snack on, say, chocolate ice cream and popcorn, when you really just need a glass of water. It can’t be just me. If you find yourself feeling hungry more often than normal, even after you just ate, try drinking water and waiting 15 minutes before you check the fridge.

How to Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can affect everything from our skin and hair to our urinary tract, which is why it’s so important to consciously sip water from your bkr bottle all day long. Grabbing some cute water bottle accessories can help you create infusions to make your water less boring. For anyone already suffering from a few of these dehydration symptoms, try drinking water first thing in the morning, setting alarms on your phone every hour to help you remember to drink (Tal’s trick), and consciously up your intake for the rest of the day. We promise you’ll notice the difference. Stay hydrated, bkr fam.


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