I heart BKR Rewards

Please excuse the dust while we renovate.

iheartbkr Rewards is under construction. But don't worry! Although you can't redeem points right now, you will still earn points every time you shop. Questions? Please contact help@mybkr.com. An improved experience is coming soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up is easy! 

Simply create an account , or if you already have a bkr account, Log in and continue to earning Points!

To exchange your points for great rewards follow these steps:

  1. Make sure there are no discount codes already in your cart or checkout (only one coupon can be used at once).
  2. Visit the rewards page to view all of our great reward options and click the 'Redeem' button. This will add a specific code into your cart.
  3. If you are redeeming for a cash discount then you are all set.
  4. If you are redeeming for a product reward then you must also add the actual product into your cart from the store.

Your Points don't expire, you are welcome to use them at any time in the future.

Log in to the site or rewards program and click on the 'Rewards History' button.

In the iheartbkr rewards pop-up tool, find the reward that you redeemed and click on the 'View' button. You should see the redemption code.

Unfortunately, the system only allows one code code to be entered per order so they can not be combined.

If you referred a friend, your coupon is valid for 31 days from when you sent the referral.

If your friend referred you, your coupon is valid for 14 days from when you received it via email.