Why bkr is Better

You may be wondering, why is bkr better? what makes bkr so special? Or even is bkr worth it? Well, we’re here to tell you emphatically just why bkr is nicknamed your water bottle soulmate and how it really does live up to the hype.

We like to describe bkr as the perfect t-shirt of water bottles. This is because if you have that one perfect t-shirt you know how it just looks right, feels right and slips effortlessly into your life. Well, that’s a bkr. A bkr glass water bottle is a magical combination of little details that lead to people falling in love, carrying it with them wherever they go and drinking more water.

First, glass is the cleanest greenest material. Glass is an old-school material that doesn’t leach chemicals into your drink. Glass is also 100% dishwasher safe. It is also fully recyclable. It’s clear so you can see it’s clean and there will never be hidden molds or bacterias hiding out. It never tastes or smells like your last drink. So feel free to put water one day, lemonade the next and wine in the evening (we won’t tell ;). And we made our bkr glass water bottle with a small mouth for easy no-spill sipping.

Second, the silicone sleeve is protective, soft and chic. The silicone sleeve on a bkr is not just cute (over 50 covetable shades) it also protects the glass, feels good in your hand and allows the bkr to set down quietly. Silicone is also a sustainable choice as it’s made from sand and long lasting. A bkr never scratches or dents and always looks as good as the day you got it.

Third, the cap will not leak. A bkr water bottle cap is the Ferrari of caps. We tested and tested to make a patented design that seals so that our glass water bottle cap doesn’t leak. It also has a thoughtfully-designed carrying loop perfect for your fingers.

Finally, we next took this perfect water bottle and made it better. We created a super hydrating lip balm Clinically tested and shown to soften, moisturize and protect lips and engineered a special cap to connect it to the bkrs. Introducing the world to the first ever lip balm water bottle. It’s the perfect glass water bottle combined with the holy grail of lip balms making everything better.

Next we added soft silicone straws made just for bkr that are the perfect size and can color coordinate with your bkr for the cutest sip kit.

So, is bkr the best glass reusable water bottle there is? Why yes, it is.

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