What is an Emotional Support Water Bottle?

You may have seen this #emotionalsupportwaterbottle trending on TikTok or bubbling up in your IG stories. Images of someone on her first day of college––water bottle clutched in hand, or a woman clad in neutral yoga wear twinning with her water bottle or maybe it’s a work from home set up with a large water bottle (straw peeking out) alongside a silver macbook. It seems that these days everyone is clutching their water bottle like a life raft.

Well, at bkr we understand it perfectly as we are for sure irrationally attached to our bkr bottles.  We are, in fact,  never without them. We carry our teeny in our small purses, bring our littles on walks and have our big with matching straws to help get us through zooms and by our side while we binge Netflix and Hulu. We are obsessed with our refillable, sustainable and chic bkr glass water bottles.

So why do we cling to our #emotionalsupportwaterbottle? And what does an emotional support water bottle do? It’s hard to pinpoint one moment that led us here but while we live in a beautiful world, the last few years have also been chaotic. There has been the uncertainty of the pandemic, war and civil unrest and destructive storms. Many of us are looking for things that calm and ground us. And while it may seem simple––having your bkr next to you so that you can pause, take a sip of water and then carry on––can be very comforting. Our bottles are reliable and steadfast and give our lives the comfort of routine. We fill them in the morning before we start our day or have them lined up in the fridge ready to grab. They hydrate us, soothe us and also represent a commitment to sustainability. We find that we feel a bit lost when they are not by our side. Our #emotionalsupportwaterbottle is a small treat and also a reminder to take care of ourselves and the earth.

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