Do you have a coffee lover in your life or a tea obsessed person to gift? Well, you have come to the right place…

This summer we introduced our double wall glass tumbler to the world. People fell hard. And one of the most obsessed groups are those who have strong opinions about their coffee and tea.

Why is the bkr tumbler the perfect gift for coffee lovers?
For coffee lovers, making and drinking coffee is a sacred ritual and a time for themselves. These bean-obsessed peeps also are very thoughtful when it comes to the flavor profiles of their coffee, the taste and richness of their milk or cream and the temperature. This is exactly why a bkr cup is the perfect match.

We purposefully made the tumbler with thin delicate glass. Drinking from this type of glass is a sensory experience. Yes, it may be more fragile than a metal tumbler but there is nothing elegant about drinking from metal. Drinking from glass allows you to not only fully savor your drink but also means you taste only the rich coffee and cream. Nothing else. No weird metallic taste or leaching plastic. Our double wall glass also keeps your coffee nice and warm. And if life pulls you away for too long this Cup is microwave safe--not possible with the clunky metal options. 

Why is our bkr Cup the best gift for tea lovers?
The elevated experience of drinking from glass cannot be matched. You will taste floral earl gray, rich matcha or bright citrus teas all as they are meant to taste - with no funny tin, plastic or last drink tastes or smells. Also, you can add your tea bag  to your cup and tuck the little white tab securely in the sleeve. Easy peasy. It’s also dishwasher safe ensuring your Cup is clean for each and every use. 

So, if you're looking for the best gift for a coffee lover or a tea lover that wants the perfect way to pause, savor and enjoy their hot beverage--get them their new favorite thing - a bkr Cup.

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