The Best Spa Water Recipes to Help You Drink More Water

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Over here at bkr, we drink a lot of water and understand that to feel good and look good you need to stay hydrated. But sometimes it’s fun to mix it up. And, if you are someone who finds drinking water boring and you’re looking for ways to make your water taste amazing this is for you. You’ll find yourself drinking way more water. And while this inspiration doesn’t come with a white fluffy robe or a 60-minute Swedish massage, these spa water recipes do add a little joy to your day.

There are a lot of ways to try this. You can make a pitcher of spa water and refill throughout the day and pour into your bkr bottle - either carefully from your pitcher or with a funnel. You can also make any of these infused waters straight in your new insulated Cup. Another fun twist - use our custom ice tray and make the prettiest flavor-boosting ice tubes.

Some notes: wash and cut the fruit, you can leave the fruits/vegetables/herbs for 24 hrs then remove them and the water lasts in the fridge for 4 days. We like to make ours the night before and chill overnight but 30 minutes is enough too. Also if you don’t have lots of fresh fruit on hand, frozen works too.

Here are some delicious combos of fruits/herbs to infuse your water and bonus they’re also so pretty and elevate your hydration. There is no need for an actual recipe just add a few slices or pieces:

Pear + Thyme

Apple + Cinnamon Sticks

Rosemary + Lemon

Cucumber + Jalapeno + Mint

Lemon + Ginger

Grapefruit + Rosemary

Orange + Vanilla Beans + Cinnamon

Cinnamon + Pear + Ginger

Cranberry + Lemon + Blood Orange


Enjoy! xo, bkr

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  • Wendy

    Amazing tips! These will definitely be used. Thanks for the inspiration! 💖

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