Shattering Myths: The Safety and Glowy Beauty of bkr's Glass Reusable Water Bottles

In a market flooded with various materials for reusable water bottles, concerns about the safety of metal bottles have led many to seek alternatives. At bkr, we take pride in offering a forever beautiful and, more importantly, safe solution – our glass reusable water bottles. In this blog post, we're here to shatter myths surrounding the safety of metal bottles and showcase why bkr's glass bottles are the epitome of style and safety.

The primary concern with metal water bottles lies in the potential for harmful substances, such as lead, to leach into the water. This leaching can occur due to the reaction between the metal and the liquids it contains, especially when exposed to acidic beverages or higher temperatures.

Contrastingly, bkr's glass bottles are crafted from non-reactive glass, eliminating the risk of leaching harmful substances into your drinks. Our commitment to safety extends beyond functionality – we believe that your hydration experience should be as much a vibe as it is secure.

The advantages of bkr's glass bottles go beyond safety; they're stunningly beautiful and durable, they never look scratched, dented or old, the sleeves are interchangeable (even with the cups) and allow the bottles to set down quietly instead of loudly clanking. They’re fully dishwasher safe, easy to keep clean, break-resistant and easy to love––and nothing ever tastes better than it does from glass. Our glass insulated cups are a more delicate sensory experience that fully allow you to enjoy a level of mindfulness and presence that clunky opaqe, smell, flavor and mold-trapping metal bottles miss. They are similarly clear, glowy, beautiful, lovable and lead-safe. bkr is a personal statement about how you care for yourself and the environment and it tells the world that you’re unquestionably a person who appreciates nice things. As Forbes has said, bkr is, maybe above all else, “for those who prefer the finer things.”

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