Quiet Luxury

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What is the meaning of Quiet Luxury?

Recently you may have heard the term “quiet luxury” or seen “stealth wealth.” These terms have come about in discussions of Gwyneth Platrow’s chic minimalist courtroom style as well as in descriptions of the fictional Roy family from HBO’s hit show Succession. The Quiet luxury trend is today’s minimalism in which flashy logos and designer names splashed across items are rejected in favor of high quality materials and craftsmanship. It is also about investing in fewer better pieces that stand the test of time and thoughtful shopping habits. 

Why we love the quiet luxury trend

bkr has always been effortless and chic. We focus on quality materials and construction over bells and whistles or loud flashy logos. If you have a bkr you know that it is our attention to these details that make you fall in love with your bkr. This is also why Forbes described bkr as the bottle “for those who prefer the finer things.”  So it should be no surprise that we love when quality and construction are elevated and appreciated.

Quality Materials

We use thick soft silicone for our sleeves and clean clear glass for our bottles and this matters. 

The grippy sleeve is designed to easily come on and off so that you can clean your sleeve or swap it for another. The thick silicone also means that the bottle sets down silently during zooms or in the middle of the night. There is no clank like metal or squeaking like plastic. The silicone also feels good in your hands and protects the glass. 

Glass is the cleanest and also greenest material. It doesn’t trap tastes or odors and is easy to wash. Glass begins as renewable materials including sand and goes back to sand - it is endlessly recyclable and also would never clog our oceans like metals and plastics. 

Quality Construction

Our bkr cap never leaks. You can toss it in your purse or work bag and feel confident that you will not find a wet mess. Our bkr straw cap is designed to house our custom silicone straws that are the perfect balance of flexible and sturdy. The straw caps are splash proof so they won’t spill on the move. Our caps also have a thoughtfully-designed carrying loop perfect for your fingers. The mouth is small so you can easily sip from it and never spill on yourself. 

Outlasts Trends and Always Looks Good

bkr’s soft silicone sleeve and clear glass always look good. The sleeves come in shades that are the prettiest pastels, perfect neutrals and sheer sea glass blues and greens. The subtle chic sleeves look as good on day 1000 as they do one day 1. Unlike metal bottles that dent, chip and rust a bkr can be used endlessly. While the bkr has a logo it too is quiet never loud.

Quiet luxury’s message, that we should buy less things and only quality ones we love, is a message that should always be on trend.

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