Nothing is Grosser Than a Dirty Water Bottle


Welcome to KEEPING IT CLEAN 101 with Tal. Class is now in session.

We’ve been asked how often a reusable glass water bottle has to be cleaned since we launched our first 16 oz. glass water bottle in 2011. The thing is, you can see inside of it and every part of every bkr glass water bottle is clear. And if it’s only ever filled with water AND it looks clean, it’s clean, right? Wrong. Literally, the most wrong. You wouldn’t use a wine glass, wipe the lipstick off with a napkin and use it again the next day, would you? Exactly.

So, how often should you wash your very cute glass water bottle? Ideally, every day. Your bkr has to be washed and sanitized regularly to kill pathogens that may start growing on them, fecal and otherwise (ew ew ew EW). Pathogens can grow to unhealthy levels in water bottles if they aren’t washed enough, and both studies and infectious disease experts agree. If you keep using an unwashed bottle you’ll expose yourself to risks like diarrhea. And, absolute worst case scenario, possible nasty infections like E.coli, strep, skin infections, and even meningitis.

Now that we all feel completely nauseated, listen up, class.

1. Your bkr glass water bottle is 100% dishwasher safe on the top rack AND it sanitizes in there. Not a lot of water bottles can say that––I can’t even think of any aside from us. Put the caps on spindles so they stay up at the top. And if your big 32 oz. glass water bottles won’t fit at on the top rack you can put them on the bottom rack. Is your mind blown yet? Make sure you turn on the drying cycle to get rid of any moisture.

glass bottle dishwasher rack

2. You should wash your bkr all the time OR have several bkr glass water bottles and rotate between washing, drying and use. Some of us have more than several, ahem. Yes, I’m looking at you. And I’m totally looking at myself, let’s be honest.

3. If it gets gross it’s probably because you need to wash it more often. The first actual sign you’ve waited too long is usually a disgusting smell on the mouth. Not a fan. Please don’t let it get that far.

4. You can alternatively or intermittently soak your bkr in hot soapy water and use our perfect bottle brush to scrub every nook.

5. You should definitely take the sleeve off at least once a week or more for cleaning and drying between the sleeve and glass. I take my sleeves off for every wash because they only really need a light handwashing to get them clean, but you do you. My husband sneaks all his bkrs in the dishwasher with the sleeves on and I have to disrobe them myself from time to time – which is easy. See 6 below.

6. I teach you how to take the sleeve off / and put it on in our Instagram story highlight called “bkr care” and I give you one extra tip there in case of emergency. Hint—it has to do with denture cleaner. Ok forget it, I’ll just tell you. If you can’t get the inside of your bkr clean no matter what you try, try using denture cleaner. Miracles happen. Now I know for sure your mind is blown. Oh and hey, if your dark bkr sleeves do go in the dishwasher and end up with hard water drop stains on them, use Barkeeper’s Friend to get them off (and then maybe take your dark sleeves off instead next time).

7. We sell extra glass bottles, caps, sleeves, ice tube trays, and brushes––again, it’s good practice to rotate between use, wash, and drying completely.

8. Store bkrs with caps off so that any residual moisture evaporates.

9. Bonus point: If you use our magical Paris Water Balm on your lips between sips (or any lip product at all), just make sure to thoroughly wipe the mouth of your bottle and the inside of your cap with a dry cloth or a reusable q-tip before you throw them in the dishwasher.

That’s it. Keep it clean, stay safe and healthy and avoid diarrhea at all cost. Class is adjourned. Love you.

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