How to Make Travel More Sustainable

While it’s true that airplanes and cars can contribute to our carbon footprint, it’s also true that we’re all likely to travel this summer and if we’re going to travel it’s good to think about how to travel in a more sustainable way. After all perfect is the enemy of good or baby steps people baby steps…

Give up single use plastic – it’s really so easy and something all of us can do. You can start by bringing your bkr glass water bottle with you. bkrs are TSA friendly - you can carry them through security empty and then fill them on the other side.

Pro tip: bring a bkr glass water bottle in each size so that no matter what you’re doing you can always have the right one handy and refill along the way instead of buying disposable drinks. You can use your Big bkr on long haul flights, your Little all day with a straw cap and straw and your Teeny with a lip balm snapped on top is genius for smaller, lighter bags and flight-parched lips. Bkrs are especially convenient to carry around in walkable cities like Rome and Paris that have water fountains all around.

Go local: To be more sustainable, enjoy local foods and drinks rather than items that are packaged or have to travel. Spend your time and money with local businesses and always have an adventure and get something truly unique. 

Mass Transit: Check out train travel. City Center to City Center so no wasted time to/from far out airports, no long security lines, no lost baggage and bonus - sometimes a beautiful scene out the window. In cities, take the bus - In London, taking a double decker bus is transportation and an activity and taking the bus allows you to jump off when you see a cute shop or want an ice cream. And with traffic crippling so many cities these days, feel like a local and take the subway. Most subways have 7 day passes and can get you to all the major attractions.

Save resources: Make sure to be vigilant about turning off lights and A/C when you leave your room or apartment, keep showers short and if you’re at a hotel let them know that you don’t need your bedding and towels changed every day. 

Make less waste:  Travel with a cute baggu reusable bagthey fold up tiny in your suitcase and when you arrive you can use them at the beach or take them to a grocery store to stock your Airbnb. Another great travel companion: stasher bags – they’re great for sunscreen shampoo or snacks and help you to avoid plastic bags. Instead of buying plastic minis get some reusable silicone travel containers and refill from your larger stay-at-home staples like face wash, shampoo and conditioner. 

Buy Vintage: Finally there are amazing vintage shops in nearly every city in the world with everything from collector designer pieces to concert t-shirts and perfect jeans - it’s an amazing way to find unique pieces, explore cool neighborhoods and not contribute to the fashion landfill. 

Bon Voyage bkr fam!

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