When Tal and Kate launched bkr in 2011 they were looking to replace the single use water bottles that they knew they should stop buying. Plastic is clogging our oceans and more and more we are learning that it is making us sick. They couldn’t find the reusable water bottle they wanted and so they made their own.

As the years have gone by they have worked to make their original and beloved bkr glass water bottle all the more indispensable so that you never have to drink from metal or plastic. They listened to feedback and their own desires to innovate and create things for bkr nation to love. And they’ve done it again. Introducing….drum roll here….The Demi bottle.

The Demi glass water bottle holds 650mL or 26 ounces. It’s taller than the Little but thinner than the Big. It’s cupholder friendly and perfect for standing up in your bag. It launched in several iconic bkr colors as well as our new can't-keep-it-in stock deep burgundy Valentina shade. We also made soft silicone custom straws for the Demi.  And a little secret…the Demi sleeve fits your Demi cup so you can swap sleeves to your heart’s content.

We joke that it is the “Goldilocks” of bkrs ––not too big, not too small––just right. If you fill it 2-3 times you will have the recommended 8 glasses of water a day - though keep in mind everyone’s ideal amount of water differs depending on diet, exercise, how many margaritas….kidding…sort of.

In the end, you will want and need all the sizes of bkr glass water bottles for all the parts of your life. And the Demi is a perfect addition.

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