bkr’s New Insulated Cup


Meet bkr’s new insulated soulmate….The Cup ---or La Coupe if you’re reading this from Paris or just wish you were - le sigh. 

The bkr Cup is sheer, glowy and its launch means you never have to drink from metal again. We made the Cup because we were looking for the perfect insulated tumbler. We didn't want tinny tasting metal, or a tumbler that tasted like every drink you’ve put in it, and we didn't want it to be hard to clean, scratched or peely. We knew there was a better way and... lo and behold... it’s here. So, what makes the bkr insulated tumbler like nothing you have experienced before? Well luxury is in the details.

The Glass 

Our double wall borosilicate glass is beautiful, delicate, and transformative. It’s sensory nirvana. Not only does the glass keep cool things cool + hot things hot, it’s also entirely dishwasher safe and can be put in the microwave with the cap off. Like all of the finer things in life, it’s delicate and must be treated with care. We recommend liquids first then ice and go easy on her - she’s a different creature than the sturdy bkr bottle but very worth it. And just in case, extra glass is sold separately too.

The Sleeve

Our Cup has launched with 5 of the prettiest sheer sleeves we could imagine. They’re soft and grippy and can be removed for cleaning if you like. And, are you sitting down? The Little Cup sleeve is the same size as the Little bottle sleeve which means endless swaps. You may have noticed that the Demi Cup doesn’t have a Demi bottle counterpart to swap sleeves with....well, we pay attention to every detail, so, trust. 

The Cap

As you know at bkr we are perfectionists and there are no accidents on this Cap. It’s clear not only because it’s pretty this way but also so you can see that it’s clean and there is nowhere for anything icky to hide. It’s dual use - you can sip hot or cold drinks from the perfect sized opening or use a straw with your iced drinks. It has the cutest silicone button that effortlessly comes off its base and pops into the opening for splash-resistant travel. It also has a removable gasket that easily comes out so you can wash it. (To remove the gasket pull down from the flat area above the K in the bkr logo on the underside of the cap.) Yes, we thought of everything.

The Straws

We created soft silicone straws custom made for the Cup. They have a slightly angled bottom, so they never suction, and we’ve been told they are the perfect balance of bendy and firm. You’ll never chip a tooth and of course we made them in the most gorgeous shades.

So, the only hard part is deciding which size and color of our beautiful transformative glass insulated tumbler you'll be getting first - that is if you’re not just adding all of them to your cart ;)

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