bkr Holiday Gift Guide - Gifting By Price Point

We get it, you’re not made of money and you don’t have all the time in the world to search for the perfect gift at the right price point. No one should feel stressed about spending too much or not having the right amount for a gift. We’re here to help and we’ve made it very simple.

Best Gifts under $25
Treat someone special to our Paris Water Balm, an ultra-hydrating glossy lip treatment with a perfect light natural French rose scent. This amazing lip balm comes in clear or in three of the most universally flattering shades so you can’t go wrong. And, it comes in a cute pink box gift-ready.

If you’re intended is already part of the bkr fam you can’t go wrong with gifting them the new straw cap and a set of the cutest silicone straws that way any bkr they have can be converted into a custom sip kit.

Best Gifts under $50
The most chic glass water bottle with a straw cap and three matching silicone straws all in the perfect winter white? Yes please. Gift this Sip Kit in Puff that is unless you can’t bear to part with it and decide to keep it for yourself…we won’t tell.

A Kiss Kit to spoil them. This set comes with the cutest 250ml/8oz bkr in Haven, a sheer mint, along with the most hydrating Paris Water Balm and a cap that connects the lip balm to the glass water bottle so they never lose their lip balm again.

Best Gifts under $75
Pick the Pixie Breakfast set for two of the prettiest pink glass water bottles. You get a 500mL/16oz glass water bottle in Bunny and a 1 liter glass water bottle in Penelope in a cute bkr box ready to gift.

River and the Magical Sea Glass Sip Kit makes an amazing gift. You get a 1L glass water bottle in River, a dreamy sheer blue, along with a straw cap and a set of the prettiest sea glass inspired silicone straws and it comes in a bkr branded gift box with a gift tag sticker.Best Gifts under $100
Do you know someone who appreciates the finer things in life? The Tutu Ultimate Best Seller Set is the perfect gift. In this set you’ll get the 1 liter glass water bottle in Tutu (our bestselling pale ballet pink) our straw cap, three matching soft silicone straws, our balm cap + the perfect most-hydrating ever Paris Water Balm and a set of the most satisfying water bottle ice trays. And to make your life even better, it comes in a bkr branded gift box with a gift tag sticker.

The Moonlight Holiday Set
 is a beautiful set of three 500ml/16oz glass water bottles in Sawyer (an opaque dusty blue), Dove (a light pale gray) and Spiked James (our soft sage green). And they come ready to gift in a box with a gift tag. How excited would you be to have all three of these in your life?! And if you can’t contain that excitement, feel free to gift this one to yourself. Who knows what you want better than you?! ;) 

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