On Accutane? Bkr Paris Water Balm Is Your Lip Saver.

Considering the stresses that already come with adulting — demanding clients, competing deadlines, boring breakfast cereal — it’s insanely unfair that nearly 50% of women over 25 still have to deal with zits. An even bigger bummer? The usual lifestyle hacks (drinking water, eating whole foods) are powerless against cystic acne, a stubborn and agonizing skin condition that’s more than an inconvenience. As described by Renee Jacques in Allure, “Press on one [pimple], and [the pain] reverberates throughout your entire face.”

It’s no wonder so many cystic acne sufferers turn to the prescription retinoid Accutane despite the medication’s battery of undesirable side effects — the most common being dry, cracked, peeling lips.

According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, an astonishing 90% of Accutane users suffer from chronic and severe chapped lips, and concerns about the condition go way beyond vanity. “If the lips are not kept healthy, activities such as speaking and eating might become impaired,” write the experts of The Derm Review, an online skin care resource. “Peeling of the skin could lead to bleeding and infection, which may spread to other areas of the mouth.”

The indicated treatment for chapped lips is topical lip balm, but most products are no match for the dryness and damage brought on by Accutane — so you can imagine how psyched we were to discover that bkr Paris Water Balm may be the saving grace Accutane users have been hoping for.

“I am a current Accutane user and my lips literally shed like a snake (so gross),” writes Taylor, an Ipsy subscriber who received bkr’s Paris Water Balm in her monthly sample bag. “THIS STUFF FIXED ALL OF MY PROBLEMS!! My lips don’t shed, don’t crack and bleed anymore…thank you bkr because you have transformed my lips on my Accutane journey.”

If you’re currently using or considering trying Accutane, pout no more! Here are a few ways bkr Paris Water Balm can keep your lips from getting a raw deal.

“THIS STUFF FIXED ALL OF MY PROBLEMS!! My lips don’t shed, don’t crack and bleed anymore…thank you bkr because you have transformed my lips on my Accutane journey.”

Bkr Paris Water Balm Moisturizes — For Real

You’re probably thinking, “Um, doesn’t every lip balm?” but hear us out. Because our lips don’t have sebaceous glands — meaning they can’t make their own oils to keep themselves moisturized — balms are super important in maintaining lip health. However, Chapstick and other mass-market treatments can actually make your lips drier. Crazy, right?

“Lip balms with humectants such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin make lips worse,” dermatologist Leslie Baumann tells Stylecaster. “These ingredients pull moisture out of the skin…and then the water evaporates away.” A good example is menthol, which provides the “cooling” sensation some lip therapy products pride themselves on. But buyer beware — the cooling may feel like it’s healing your lips, but it’s really doing anything but.

Because humectants are water magnets, they need to be balanced out by occlusives that lock in moisture and keep it from escaping (think beeswax or shea butter). However, even occlusives can be harmful. The waxy substance camphor, for example, is classified by the Environmental Working Group as potentially toxic. (Camphor is also — you guessed it — a key ingredient in Chapstick).

With its unique complex of rose, algae, and essential biolipids, bkr Paris Water Balm softens, plumps, and prevents moisture loss with a thoughtful blend of nourishing and hydrating natural plant extracts — kicking camphor to the curb and leaving menthol in toothpaste where it belongs.

Bkr Water Balm + Bkr Water Bottle = Two Solutions In One

In a post titled “Being On Accutane is…,” Reddit user LoyaltyLlama lists the everyday annoyances of the regimen, like “dying inside when you realize you left your Chapstick at home” and always needing to re-apply lip balm because “you drink A LOT of water.”

Well, LoyaltyLlama, FTFY (“Fixed That For You,” for those who don’t speak Reddit).

Keeping water within reach is super important for Accutane users, since the medication can increase thirst. Because bkr’s patented cap is designed to connect your water balm to your favorite water bottle, toting both through your daily grind — and remembering to grab it on your way out the door — is a lot less trouble.

Not to mention, in the words of reviewer courtenaywalter on our balm’s sephora.com product page, the balm + bottle combo makes the bkr Paris compact “an easy find in my disorganized purse.” Girl, we know.

Bkr Water Balm Lasts

For those on Accutane, smearing on lip treatments 24/7 can get old fast, so bkr Paris Water Balm’s staying power is especially liberating. “I have damage from Accutane use and my lips are constantly chapping,” writes another water balm user on Sephora.com. “This balm actually makes them look and feel much better even if I don’t apply any more for many hours.”

But we should warn you: Even though you don’t have to apply bkr Paris Water Balm dozens of times per day, you’ll probably want to.

No Lipstick? No Problem

Fashionsta columnist Tyler McCall had no choice but to give up lipstick while she was on Accutane. “My lips were just too dry and too flaky,” she writes.

Of-the-moment matte shades and uber convenient “long wear” lip color can dry out even the healthiest lips, making the cosmetic out of the question for Accutane users. Not only is our water balm meticulously formulated to seal in moisture — it also looks good. The supple shine of our original clear balm adds a glowing sparkle that puts lipstick to shame. If you’re craving color, our new hues Muse (a soft rose) and BTS (nude) have also got you covered. Because at the end of the day, bkr’s water balm makes you feel pretty — and when you feel pretty, you feel better. We don’t need a dermatologist to tell us that.


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