How to Stay Hydrated Without Even Trying

Drinking water is so good for your mind and body, but we’re often bad at remembering to do it throughout the day. You would think this bkr bottle obsessed fam would never not sip all day long, but sometimes we forget and dehydrate. (Like, when we’re sheltering in place during a global pandemic and drinking water becomes mysteriously impossible, for instance.) Which is why we’ve come up with a few essential tips for how to stay hydrated without even trying.

Everyone Has a Different Hydration Goal

First of all, you’ve probably heard the myth that everyone needs to drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water every day. While 64 oz. of water per day is a decent amount, individual hydration goals vary based on factors like weight and activity level. You really need to consider all the factors when determining your target water intake. Some bkr girls and guys are involved in high-intensity exercise routines that deplete your body of much-needed hydration. To set yourself up for success, you really should be drinking water before, during and after a workout to keep yourself energized and reduce the chances of cramping. 

When creating your own hydration goal for the day, you definitely need to consider your weight as well. Since our bodies are made up of nearly 60 percent water, it makes sense that the amount of water you need is partially dependent on your weight and someone who weighs more will likely need more water than someone who weighs less. 

You fundamentally need to supply your body with enough water to function properly, but because hydration goals are so subjective, it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact goal number. Many relatively active people try to drink at least two to three liters per day. But if you want a more scientific stab at your goal, there are many hydration calculators out there. Use a few of them and see where recommendations intersect. It’s also always smart to check with your doctor to be sure your goal is a healthy one. Recognize your lifestyle, listen to the advice of sources you trust, and choose a number that makes sense for you. And please don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach your target every day. It’s a goal, it isn’t rigid, and your goal might even be a targeted range rather than a static number and that’s ok too. Water is essential, but it’s also essential to not get stressed out over it. And now for some tips on how to keep yourself sipping all day long.

So, How Do You Stay Hydrated (Even When You’re Not Thinking About It)?

Set Alarms

Seriously. This may sound silly, but our co-founder Tal taught us this trick week one of quarantine and we swear by it now. We’ve heard so many hydration turnaround stories from bkr girls based on this simple trick––even our girl Bobbi Brown is a believer. Setting alarms throughout the day is one of the best ways to remind yourself to drink water. Fill your big bkr bottle first thing in the morning and set hourly phone alarms to bring you back to earth and prompt you to drink some damn water. If hourly is too much or too little for you, adjust it to whatever works. The tricky thing about dehydration is we usually don’t know we’re getting dehydrated until we’re already partially there. If you’re waiting to drink water until you’re thirsty, it means your body has already started to become dehydrated and it’s desperately trying to tell you what it needs. We can get so caught up in our daily lives that it’s sometimes tough to remember to drink until we actually don’t feel well. So, set those alarms and make a point to sip a certain amount of your 32 oz water bottle right when that annoying little chime goes off. 

BKR Reminder

Keep Your bkr with You All Day

If you’re the type of person who’s always jetting around from one activity to the next, we totally get it. Life is busy, and when we’re constantly thinking about what we have to do next, we forget to drink water. Here’s the trick: never be without your bkr, ever. We have three sizes for a reason: so there’s never an instance where it’s inconvenient to have one with you. From teeny to little and big, you can always grab the size that has the right weight to refill ratio for what you’re doing. Carrying around a bkr bottle is a very cute and very literal physical reminder to take a few sips. Make it a habit to toss your bkr bottle in your bag before you head out for the day and bring it with you anywhere and everywhere you go. In the evening, when you’re cuddled up on the couch watching your favorite show, keep your bkr right next to you. Holding your bottle while you watch TV can help you to mindlessly sip. Pro tip: we’re borderline psychotic about carrying our kiss kits with the bkr water balm to keep our lips hydrated. bkr nation agrees––snapping our life-altering balm to our bkr bottle is one of the easiest ways to ensure we never leave home without it. Our lip balm water bottle is one of those things we just cannot imagine being without and that alone makes a huge difference in how much we hydrate.

Try Some Water Infusions or Tea

Okay, we’ll be the ones to say it. Water can be so... boring. And because we’re not always looking forward to drinking water in the same way that we look forward to a frozen pina colada on a hot day, it’s easy to forget to keep drinking. If you actually like how your water tastes, you’re way more likely to drink it. When you’re feeling bored with your water, be your own mixologist and create a water infusion with fresh fruits and herbs. We like to treat ourselves at the end of a long day by filling our bkr with a chilled, non-caffeinated tea before bed.

Woman with BKR bottle

Up Your Water Game

Even though we need water all day long, it’s so easy when we’re distracted to let it slip from our minds. Taking steps that remind you to constantly sip is essential to reaching your hydration goals. So, set up your hourly Tal alarms and take your beloved bkr reusable water bottle with you everywhere. Treat it like it’s as essential as your keys and phone because, well, it kind of is. Trust us on this - after a couple weeks of deliberately forming these healthy bkr habits, you’ll be the person who literally turns the car around to grab your bkr when you someday realize you left it behind. But you’ll feel so good, you won’t be mad about that.

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