4 Painless Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Last month might have been Plastic Free July, but at bkr we believe plastic free shouldn’t be a one-month thing. Let’s keep the conversation going all year round, say adieu to single-use, and aim for a Plastic Free Forever! But between the images of the growing garbage patch in the Pacific and concerns regarding the unhealthy chemicals in plastic, things can feel overwhelming. Before you give up, we have some simple swaps to help you reduce the plastic in your life. Notice we said “reduce” not “remove” as we know that plastic is in everything and is hard to avoid but by using less plastic, you’ll produce less waste and reduce your exposure to chemicals. Plus we feel pretty strongly that you just may find your new favorite thing.


One of the most impactful things you can do is to invest in a reusable water bottle you’ll actually love–not just on day one but forever. The key here really is pretty simple: if your reusable bottle leaks, dents, scratches up and is hard to clean, you won’t love it, you won’t be inclined to use it, and it will end up as trash. There is absolutely nothing like the original and best-loved bkr glass water bottle. We’ve had bkr bottles for a decade that look and feel as effortlessly perfect and pretty as they did the day we got them. bkr owners are obsessed, for good reason: bkr bottles feel like luxury. The chic and soft sleeves in endless colors and signature neutrals, the small no-spill mouth, and every other thoughtful detail. Drinking from glass is not only the most green and sustainable choice but everything tastes better out of glass. There is no lingering taste or scent and every part is dishwasher-safe. bkr also has a patented cap that allows you to attach the most hydrating vegan lip balm to the top of your water bottle. Whether you want a “teeny” for you purse (the 8 oz water bottle), “the little” to carry around (the 16 oz water bottle) or the large water bottle known as “the big”  (32 oz water bottle) or all three - once you have a bkr you’ll never go back to plastic.


Another very impactful change you can make is to stop using single-use plastic zippy bags and replace them with a reusable. We are obsessed with Stasher.  The reusable storage bags are silicone made from silica (sand derived from quartz), last a very long time and are dishwasher safe.  Not only can you use these to store leftovers and produce in the fridge and carry snacks but we also use them for travel - you can store make-up, sunscreen, medications… the list goes on. And of course we love that they come in many sizes and the cutest colors from baby pink to the prettiest sheer lilac. And to support Plastic Free July, bkr and Stasher teamed up on limited edition, endlessly reusable bottle & baggie value sets, which were so popular they’re sadly now sold out. But be sure to check back for more from bkr and our besties at Stasher!


Get yourself some baggu bags and never take a single use bag from the grocery store or anywhere else for that matter.  They are so cute that we use them for groceries, a trip to the beach (sand doesn’t stick) and we pack them on vacations too. They come in  fun patterns and colors and several sizes and styles. We love this one–and how cute is this?


With 122 billion beauty packages created each year (yes, billion with a “B”) and only 10% recycled, reducing the waste in your beauty routine is more important than ever. So look for beauty items with less packaging, recyclable materials and refillable options.

Instead of a plastic bottle of lotion, we are loving Osea’s Undaria Algae oil - an extremely hydrating body oil that absorbs quickly has a light citrus scent and comes in a fully recyclable glass bottle and on top of all this Osea is a family-owned and women (mother + daughter) run company.  Another favorite is RMS uncover - we’ve stopped buying plastic tubes of foundation and trade up for this lightweight hydrating concealer that can be used as a foundation or a concealer. It’s found in every make-up artist’s bag and comes in a recyclable glass and metal jar. Finally, make the switch from a disposable deodorant to a refillable clean version. Beautycounter makes an aluminum-free deodorant in the prettiest refillable case. Not only does it work but it also creates less waste, is fully recyclable and looks cute on your counter.  

The moral of the story is that there is no sacrifice required here. These sustainable products reduce plastic waste, lower your exposure to chemicals and add a welcome dose of joy and beauty to your day. Cheers to that! *Raises bkr reusable glass water bottle filled with libations TBD, wink.

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