Inspired by individuals of grace who have experienced the most difficult things and have channeled them into beauty and positivity, the youngest activists with dreams of justice, peaceful protesters willing to sacrifice to be able to live like anyone else, humanitarians who give a voice to those without one, freedom on their minds, spreading messages of love, peace, and human rights, overcoming obstacles with elegance, kindness, resilience, and determination. She rides in the whirlwind with a higher purpose, trusting the strength of her anchor and directing the storm.

*Opaque bright robin's egg blue.

- limited edition spiked 500 ML silicone sleeve.
- perfect for: everyday, in the car, gym time.
- 500 ML/16oz. 7.9" tall, 3.54" wide, 0.8" opening.
- dishwasher safe on top rack, store with cap off, don't freeze or microwave. 
- 90-day warranty.
- 100% adorable + addictive.