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  • bkr Glass Water Bottle: 32oz GEORGIE 1L
  • bkr Glass Water Bottle: 32oz GEORGIE 1L

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Inspired by the NYU journalism girl next door type who prefers privacy over publicity but is fated to be a star, bubbly and lovable from what you’d guess but so different in person, unconventional, thoughtful, cerebral, depressed that everyone is so happy on social media, scooting in life right beneath the fame in oversized sweatshirts, baggy pants and doc martens, she asks questions because she really wants to hear your answer, she meditates to contemplate a greater spirituality, she thinks relationships may be for aliens, she questions everything, she evolves. One day you’ll meet a girl who’s unlike anyone you’ve ever known, she’s not one, light and uncomplicated but beautifully complex and oh-so-many.

*Opaque soulful plum.

- limited edition glass water bottle.
- perfect for: at your desk, on your nightstand.
- 1L/32oz. 9.65" tall, 3.94" wide, 0.95" opening.
- weighs 1.5lbs, with water ~3.5lbs.
- small opening for no-spill sipping.
- bottle: glass + silicone. BPA-free, phthalate-free, does not fit most cup holders.
- cap: no-leak, BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic with silicone seal.
- dishwasher safe on top rack, store with cap off, don't freeze or microwave. 
- 90-day warranty.
- 100% adorable + addictive.